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    We are seeking a new colleague who would be responsible for the development and management of information and communication actions and other related projects in order to promote and communicate to the public about the EU and European Commission policies, initiatives, programmes and activities in Lithuania. The person will also be responsible for maintaining regular contacts with EU relays and networks present in Lithuania as well as with civil society, NGOs, central and local government and other interested parties in order to ensure continuous and sound information on EU developments and policies in the country.


    Functions and duties of the officer:

    • To plan, set-up, implement, monitor and evaluate information, communication and publication strategies, together with other colleagues define communication priorities and tools.
    • To co-operate with various DGs and services in preparing and implementing communication actions.
    • To organise and prepare participation in fairs, exhibitions and conferences, including drafting of communication material together with the other colleagues, speaking in public, etc.
    • To organise internal and external communication (support Europe Direct network in Lithuania and supervise the operations of this network; manage communication projects in the regions).
    •  In co-operation with other staff members to develop and implement information, communication and publication projects, including writing Terms of References, selection of contractors, monitoring of operational and contractual aspects of the projects.  
    • To assist in the organisation of visits (assist the Head of Representation with planning and organisation of visits of Commissioners and other high level officials to Lithuania).
    • To contribute to the development of  overall planning of the Representation’s activities (to take part in the  preparation of the Annual Management Plan, to plan short, medium and long term information and communication actions and to ensure smooth implementation of those as well as monitoring of the results).

    The successful candidate will be employed full time, as a contractual agent (Function Group IV) for an initial period of two years, with a possibility of extension by one year. In order to benefit from an indefinite contract after three years of employment, the contractual agent will have to succeed in the selection procedure of the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO). A call of expression of interest is possibly foreseen in 2009.


    The successful candidate for the post must

    • be a citizen of the EU
    • speak Lithuanian and English fluently; knowledge of French and/or German will be considered an advantage
    • have University level education of at least 4 years
    • have 5 years of job-related experience, preferable in the field of public relations, journalism or publications
    • have good knowledge of the EU and its institutions
    • have good knowledge of Lithuania’s economy and culture and follow social and political developments in the country.
    • be a good team player, willing and able  to travel and learn on the job.


    Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV (in the European CV format) in both Lithuanian and English together with a letter of interest (maximum one A4 page), writing “Communication Officer” on the envelope, to:

    European Commission Representation in Lithuania

    Naugarduko 10, LT-01141 Vilnius


    By22nd October,  2007 at the latest.


    The EC Representation in Lithuanian retains the right to cancel this recruitment procedure if certain conditions regarding availability of this position, change.

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