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For your questions on the European Union
Together since 1957 - 50th anniversary
Welcome to the official website of the European Personnel Selection Office

In this site you will find information on career opportunities in the European Institutions. Your visit will take you through the application process, answer your most common questions, and tell you where to get more information.

Latest News
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Field 1: Buildings acquisition and management
Field 2: Civil engineering, specialised technologies or architecture
Field 3: Buildings environmental technology management
23/10/2007 Contract agents – CAST 27 – Latest news
17/10/2007 ASSISTANTS (AST3) of Bulgarian and Romanian citizenship in the fields of
(1) European public administration/human resources and
(2) Financial management
24/09/2007 Call for expression of interest for Temporary agents European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), Helsinki
18/07/2007 Public open tender EPSO/PO/2007/083 : A supplier to reproduce pre-selection test questionnaires and written examination papers for all paper based tests under conditions of strict confidentiality and security and at very short notice.
05/07/2007 Forward planning of open competitions
30/06/2007 Public open tender EPSO/PO/2007/077 : Supply of test items in 3 Lots for use in computer and paper based testing as part of the European institutions personnel selection procedures.
23/05/2007 Public open tender EPSO/D/PO/2006/130: Organisation of language tests to assess the ability of officials and other servants of the European institutions to work in a third language

Notice for candidates
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12/10/2007 EPSO/AST/37/07 01/10/2007 EPSO/AD/97/07
11/10/2007 EPSO/AD/96/07 25/09/2007 EPSO/AD/54-55-56-57-59/06
10/10/2007 EPSO/AD/94/07 25/09/2007 EPSO/AST/42/07
09/10/2007 EPSO/AD/92-93/07 24/09/2007 EPSO/AD/62/06
02/10/2007 EPSO/AD/51/06 Channel ‘Court of Justice’ 24/09/2007 EPSO/AD/58-61/06

Its aim is to provide the public with free access to reliable information about recruitment to the EU institutions and to make best use of information technology to improve the management of selection procedures. Any commercial site providing information relating to EPSO’s selection procedures, does so without the approval of EPSO. EPSO declines any responsibility for the contents of such sites. EPSO also declines responsibility for the contents of any web site other than the official EPSO web site.

The European Communities Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) was established on 26 July 2002. Its mission is to organise open competitions to select highly qualified staff for recruitment to all institutions of the European Union, namely the European Parliament, the Council, the European Commission, the Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors, the Economic and Social Committee the Committee of the Regions and the European Ombudsman.  EPSO became fully operational on 1 January 2003. 


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