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Commission Questions and Answers on the Commission’s proposal for the revision of industrial emissions legislation in the EU.
Commission Antitrust: Commission confirms sending Statement of Objections to alleged participants in a air freight cartel
Commission CALENDER from December 24, 2007 to January 6, 2008 Français
Commission Germany: Operational Programme “European Fisheries Fund (EFF) 2007-2013 of the Federal Republic of Germany” (Operationelles Programm Europäischer Fischereifonds (EFF), Förderperiode 2007-2013, Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
Commission Spain: Operational Programme for the Spanish Fisheries Industry 2007-2013 (Programa Operativo para el Sector Pesquero Español. Fondo Europeo de la Pesca 2007-2013) co-funded by the European Fisheries Fund (EFF). Castellano
Commission Background information on the euro and euro area
 Top News from the European Commission24 December to 20 January
Commission State aid: Commission authorises aid scheme to stimulate renewable energy (SDE) in The Netherlands Nederlands
Commission Mergers: Commission clears proposed acquisition of Vertex Standard by Motorola
Commission State Aid: The Commission launches a consultation on the draft Guidelines on State aid to railway undertakings.
Commission Mergers: Commission approves steel distribution joint venture between MPC, Grupo Villacero and MAN
Commission Mergers: Commission approves proposed acquisition of Romanian electricity distributor and supplier EMS by Enel Italiano
Statistical Office Industrial new orders up by 2.5% in euro area
Commission Midday Express of 2007-12-21
Commission Danuta Hübner Miembro de la Comisión Europea engargada de la Política Regional“Ceremonia de firma de los 23 programas operativos FEDER y Fondo de Cohesión de España” Ministerio de Economía y HaciendaMadrid, 20 de Diciembre 2007 Castellano
Commission Charlie McCreevy European Commissioner for Internal Market and ServicesSpeech by Commissioner McCreevy at the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Committee (ECON) EP ECON CommitteeBrussels, 18 December 2007
Commission Background on Schengen enlargement
Commission Background on Schengen enlargement CastellanoČeštinaMagyarPolskiEesti keelSvenskaSlovenčinaMaltiSlovenščinaLatviešu valodaLietuvių kalbaDanskSuomiNederlandsItalianoEllinikaPortuguês
Commission Lithuania: Operational Programme for the Lithuanian Fisheries Sector (Lietuvos žuvininkystės sektoriaus 2007-2013 metų veiksmų programa) co-funded by the European Fisheries Fund Lietuvių kalba
Commission Latvia: Operational Programme for the Latvian fisheries sector 2007-2013 (Eiropas Zivsaimniecības fonda atbalsta ieviešanai Latvijā, 2007-2013) co-funded by the European Fisheries Fund Latviešu valoda
Commission The Slovak Republic – Operational Programme Fisheries of the SR 2007 – 2013 co-funded by the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) Slovenčina
Commission Latvia’s Rural Development Plan Latviešu valoda
Commission IPA Rural Development Programme (IPARD) for the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Commission Malta’s Rural Development Plan Malti
Commission Rural Development Plan for the Autonomous Region of Madeira in Portugal Português
Commission Programme de développement rural – La Corse Français
Commission Rural development plans in Germany: National rural network (Nationales Netzwerk für den ländlichen Raum Deutschland NLR)
Commission Piani di sviluppo rurale: 4 regioni italiane ItalianoFrançais
Commission Bulgaria’s Rural Development Programme 2007-2013
Commission Mergers: Commission approves proposed joint venture between INEOS and the Carlyle Group
Commission CAP simplification: Commission implements its commitment to improve Cross Compliance system
Commission Commission to recover € 256.3 million of CAP expenditure from the Member States CastellanoItaliano
Commission Mergers: Commission opens in-depth investigation into proposed take-over of Aker Yards by STX
Commission Burma/Myanmar: Commission maintains its humanitarian commitment with EUR 18 million in new relief funding
Commission Agriculture: European Union suspends import duties on most cereals
Commission Mergers: Commission clears proposed brokerage joint venture between French banks Société Générale and Crédit Agricole
Commission Cohesion policy 2007-13: Spanish regions set to start investing € 26.5 billion CastellanoPolski
Commission € 14.8 million from EU Globalisation Fund to help German and Finnish mobile phone workers SvenskaSuomi
Commission Joint Statement on situation in Somalia by EU High Representative Javier Solana and European Commissioner Louis Michel
Commission Commission welcomes fast and effective intervention by Dutch regulator OPTA against spyware and malware placed on 22 million computers Nederlands
Commission Media literacy: do people really understand how to make the most of blogs, search engines or interactive TV? SlovenščinaMagyarSuomiSvenskaPortuguêsNederlands
Commission Enlargement of the Schengen area: achieving the European goal of free movement of persons PortuguêsEesti keelČeštinaDanskPolskiEllinikaSvenskaSlovenčinaSuomiMaltiLietuvių kalbaItalianoNederlandsSlovenščinaMagyarCastellanoLatviešu valoda
Commission Further set of rural development programmes for the period 2007-2013 agreed SuomiPortuguêsSvenskaCastellanoLatviešu valodaMaltiItaliano
Statistical Office EU real agricultural income per worker up by 4.7%
Commission Midday Express of 2007-12-20

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7/01 Agriculture and Fisheries Council, Brussels
7-8/01 Opening Event of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (2008), Ljubljana
8/01 Joint Meeting of the Slovenian Government and the European Commission, Brdo
8/01 Political and Security Committee, Brussels
9-10/01 Informal Meeting of Directors General for European Affairs, Brdo

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