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 Highlights of the week
19/10 00:30 LIVE Lisbon Informal Summit / Session of the Intergovernmental Conference: Presidency press briefing
19/10 10:15 LIVE Lisbon Informal Summit / Session of the Intergovernmental Conference:
– arrivals of Heads of State and Governments
– roundtable
19/10 11:00 RECORDED Lisbon Informal Summit / Session of the Intergovernmental Conference: press conference by EP President Hans-Gert PÖTTERING
19/10 13:00 LIVE Lisbon Informal Summit / Session of the Intergovernmental Conference: presidency press conference
08/11 14:30 LIVE ECB Governing Council: press conference by ECB President Jean-Claude TRICHET

Employment in the Automobile Industry
Transport 16/10/2007 | I-055102 | 04:00

Freight Transport
Transport 16/10/2007 | I-054975 | 05:10

Predicting Tsunamis in Europe
Fisheries and Maritime Affairs 31/10/2007 | I-052347 | 07:47
Mali – EU supports long-term solutions to food insecurity
Development and Humanitarian Aid 17/10/2007 | I-055051 | 12:56


Thematic Video


Signature of the treaties of Rome 25/03/1957 | I-001662 | 02:11
Rome, 25 March 1957. The signature ceremony by six ministers from the six Member States took place at the Capitole, in the room of the Horaces and the Curiaces. This treaty brought about the European Economic Community (EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC) and foresaw the introduction of a customs union and the creation of the institutions: the Commission, the Council, the Parliament and the European Court of Justice.
Historical Overview of the Treaties 1957 – 2005 (part 1) 15/03/2007 | I-053632 | 18:32
The European Union is based on the rule of law. This means that everything that it does is derived from treaties, which are agreed on voluntarily and democratically by all Member States. Previously signed treaties have been changed and updated to keep up with developments in society. The most recent one, the draft Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, aims to replace all the existing Treaties with a single text and is the result of the work done by the Convention on the Future of Europe and an Intergovernmental Conference (IGC).

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