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The budget review in the written press

An article written by Commissioner Grybauskaitė concerning the budget review was published in the Spanish daily elEconomista this 22 September 2007.

- Reformar el presupuesto : para cambiar Europa esen

Debate on the future of Europe's budget launched!

What are the challenges Europe will have to face in the future, and how should the EU budget help tackle them? Today, President Barroso and Commissioner Grybauskaitė presented a discussion paper setting out the key issues structuring this debate, and invited the public to contribute its views on these issues.

The discussion paper is now available in all language versions.
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- Press release (IP/07/1302)
- The Commission is starting Budget Review 2008/9 (MEMO/07/349)
- EU Budget – facts and myths (MEMO/07/350)
- Presentation by Dr. Dalia Grybauskaitė, Commissioner for Financial Programming and Budget

President Barroso and Commissioner Grybauskaitė

Europe's policies and their financing need to evolve to reflect your priorities and what Europe is best placed to do.
This site is there to collect your views and follow the debate on the future EU spending priorities. Tell us what you think!

Calendar of events

12.10.07 – Vilnius

Round table organised by the Representation in cooperation with the Office of the President of the Republic of Lithuania, with the participation of Commissioner Grybauskaitė and major stakeholders from the Government, local and European think tanks, and academia. Commissioner Grybauskaitė will speak to the media before the round table debate. Useful link.

26.10.2007 - Stockholm

The Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies organises its annual conference around the theme of the budget review. Useful link.

29.10.2007 - Berlin

Panel discussion organised by Representation with participation of MEP, representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, British Embassy and academic. Target audience is Parliament, federal and Länder Ministries, associations, civil society and press.

30.10.2007 - Vienna

Background-briefing organised by the Commission Representation.

5-6.11.07 – Lisbon

Conference organised by the Portuguese Parliament with EU and national Parliaments and Commissioner Grybauskaitė "on the political vision of the European Communities' Budget Review: Key Future Policies and Spending Priorities and the Reform of the Own Resources System". Useful link.

5.11.07 - Helsinki

EU2020 Financing Forum organised by the Ministry of Finance and EC Representation. Aimed at representative of Ministries, Parliament, Regional Directors, other relevant stakeholders and media.

09.11.2007 - Nicosia

Seminar organised by the Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus with stakeholders from the public and private sector.

3-4 April 2008 - Brussels

Academic Conference "Public Finances in the EU" aimed at bringing together relevant research, analysis and evidence.

15 April 2008

End of public consultation period.

End May 2008 – Brussels

Closing conference on the consultation process.